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Enter the Locked Room began with an idea years ago when I began styling out of my own wardrobe. I wanted to integrate work into something where I could help the environment that encapsulated an idea, an idea that would allow us as fashion conscious individuals to wear amazing fashion while not contributing to an increase of purchases only worn once and then potentially being turned over and ending up in landfill.

I wanted to assist people in being able to satisfy their desire to look fantastic, wear a gown once and not consistently be contributing to the decline of the environment. If, in some small way I was able to assist in minimizing the amount of clothing that ended up in landfill then I wanted to be able to work within this scope, and no matter how much it assisted, it would help just a little in keeping the environmental impact of fashion down.

Over the years I have focused my eye around classic and vintage pieces that would always allow my clients to both look and feel as fabulous as they would, were they to purchase it themselves. Buying based on sizing that will best suit each certain individual, my stylist wardrobe has now developed into a size where I wanted to bring it to a bigger market, donating a percentage of every sale or loan to a cause that is very close to my heart, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Help me help these causes as every little bit we do can help our future while still looking amazing doing it.

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Enter the Locked Room


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